Research in Sports Science
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Analysis Serie of Queen’s Gambit in the Framework of Gender in Sports


Sakarya Uygulamalı Bilimler Üniversitesi, Sakarya, Turkey


Ankara Sosyal Bilimler Üniversitesi, Ankara, Turkey

RISS 2021; 11: 26-29
DOI: 10.5152/rss.2021.21008
Read: 1468 Downloads: 350 Published: 13 January 2022

The purpose of this research is to analyze The Queen’s Gambit series and its book within the framework of gender in sports. Within the scope of the research, The Queen’s Gambit series and its book were analyzed with document analysis and content analysis, which is a qualitative research method, and then examined under the title of “Gender.” As a result, it has been determined that gender inequality in sports, sports distinctions between men and women, and genders are also referenced through colors and toys, and feminist approaches are also seen in TV series and books.

Cite this article as: Narin, M., Demircioğlu, S., & Kolayiş, H. (2021). Analysis Serie of Queen's Gambit in the Framework of Gender in Sports. Research in Sports Science., 11(2), 26-29.

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