Research in Sports Science

Organization Design in Football Management Process


Gelişim Üniversitesi Beden Eğitimi ve Spor Yüksek Okulu, Spor Yöneticiliği

RISS 2018; 8: 106-123
Read: 6569 Downloads: 1338 Published: 20 September 2019

The standards of football are increasing every day and the expectations are also increasing. Being able to get enough share from the football pie depends on sporting success and its continuity because an organization that starts with sporting success and makes an effort to turn it into economic success would fulfill the most important criteria of providing continuity in the service life cycle. The purpose of this study is to transfer the managerial and technical dynamics of football to a certain form and to ensure that the process of development and execution is carried out in that form. This research was examined in accordance with qualitative research method. It was also primarily utilized the descriptive analysis method. In this research, the data were collected by interview technique. With this research, Football management divided into eight (8) functional area as Competitive Team Intelligence, Team Management, Youth Development, Footballer Transfer, Logistics Support, Public Relations and Corporate Communication, Economy-Finance, Sports Law and it was concluded that this structure should be managed with system and process approach. The created soccer management system has transformed into a structure functioning in the horizontal system with all the units that comprehend football and this system can make the right decisions with the created information pool, can predict the future, can use the horizontal and vertical communication facilities to standardize the goods and services and achieve the structure that can solve problems.

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