Research in Sports Science

Kinesiology of Regeneration in Post COVID-19 Syndrome


Department of Biology and Biomechanics, Centro Studi Attività Motorie, Lucca, Italy


University of Turin– Medicine School, Turin Italy


Department of Centro Studi Ginnastica Vertebrale, Nova Chinesi, Aci Castello, Italy

RISS 2021; 11: 19-25
DOI: 10.5152/rss.2021.21004
Read: 1803 Downloads: 401 Published: 04 August 2021

The pandemic triggered by the SARS-CoV2 virus has set off a profound economic and social-health crisis, creating serious problems that continue even after treatment for the COVID-19 disease. These “sequelae” occur with physiological difficulties that often are disabling, and prevent the return to a normal condition of psycho-physical well-being, so much so that, in the literature, the “post COVID-19 syndrome” has been identified. Physical education can be used as a therapeutic intervention by implementing physical activities that follow highly customizable guidelines which, based on functional tests, can direct the work of the kinesiologist (expert in physical education) towards the path of regeneration kinesiology, which operates as a sort of functional re-education to enable the patient to temporarily improve their physiological defects. The purpose of this work, therefore, is to indicate a possible functional optimization, achievable through physical exercise (active and rational movement) that can help in the recovery of motor autonomy and induce beneficial changes to further consolidate the therapeutic results achieved, as well as to represent a fundamental primary preventive intervention.

Cite this article as: Nutinia, A., Zignin, C., & Cosentino, A. (2021). Kinesiology of regeneration in post COVID-19 syndrome. Research in Sports Science, 11(1): 19-25.

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